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Poplar Riverside

London, UK

The Studio worked with Metropolitan Workshop on a scheme to develop a site in the Lower Lee Valley bordering the tidal River Lee. The local spatial strategy suggested a strip of land adjacent to the river be kept as green corridor, but we felt that it would be better to interpret the idea of the ‘meander’ and tidal river processes for the whole site, locating buildings within a park, that itself would be part of the wider Lower Lee Valley Park. This park would be vast green roof to underground parking, further freeing up space for people and providing for reinforced local biodiversity. The post industrial regenerating ecology of birch copses, crossed with inter-tidal river processes was explored in a series of clay models to propose a new urban landscape with links to the site history and genus loci. Green walls and roofs, and birch groves addressed the need to improve local air quality, urban thermal regulation, micro food production, and water harvesting and cleaning to reduce energy and carbon profiles.

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