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Gallipoli Peace Park Competition


Ecology informs our approach to multi-functional environmental design. The international jury of our winning entry in the Gallipoli Peace Park in Turkey highlighted ‘a plan based upon a strong, consistent ecological approach at all scales and levels of intervention. Ecology as both planning principle and process. Plan conceived as a layered, structured network interweaving natural systems, land uses and human systems.(Their) sensitivity to hydrology and vegetation is exceptional in it’s attention to forests and firebreaks’.      


This vast national Park has significant problems relating to water shortages and fire; depopulation due to lack of work opportunities and decreasing fertility of the soil; ecological disasters due to poor forestry and fishing practice, a rich archeological inherotance and heavy tourist use of a fragile landsccape. Our plan took a holistic view to these varied problems, using ecology in its widest sense to provide an integrated framework to heal and enhance the area.

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