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Ebbsfleet Garden Village

East Kent, UK

This was a research project for Land Securities looking at integrated environmental infrastructure at macro, meso, and micro levels of intervention that delivered a range of environmental services - how to deliver 10 000 new homes that could be responsive to the effects of climate change at home and abroad, a changed energy economy, and the need for higher densities. We worked with engineer Phil Jackson formerly of Dixon Deboise (now Daedalus Environmental) to look at the application of the Code for Sustainable Homes, SUDs and work on the partition of the solar energy budget in urban micro climates with green walls, roofs, and paving, as well as the possibility to grow food and to foster biodiversity.        


A humane street scene was considered during day and night time. The collaborating design architects were S333 and Procter Matthews, with Bryden Wood Architects developing a new way to deliver the buildings. At the macro level working alongside CF Moller, Spacecraft, S333, WSP, DiDe, & Atkins we looked at transport and how to ‘grow’ soils, building material and spaces. We developed a taxonomy of elements that directly fed into the design of the buildings and spaces between them.

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