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Chippenham Cattle Market

Wiltshire, UK

The Studio worked in collaboration with JTP on this 3.8 hectare brown field regeneration site for Linden Home, starting in 2005. There are 250 tenure blind ‘eco homes’ The site is located adjacent to Chippenham railway station and has a park at its core. Understanding landscape character and the landscape signatures that express it is a key component to our approach to ecourbanism. It is another substantial scheme that highlights the Studio’s approach to Green Infrastructure that delivers Green Services.        


We have been pursuing this idea as an office since we started, and believe that it should be informed by local landscape signatures and an understanding of natural processes that they respond to. This infrastructure should not only be part of a multi-functional green matrix binding the town or city fabric, but ought to rise in intensity on the urban / rural fringes and then reaches into the hinterland to define town limits. The strong concept has been, for the most part, retained in its realisation - this includes embedding sustainable drainage, enhancing biodiversity, creating the opportunity for a congenial way of living, and doing more with less.

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