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Cashes Green, Gloucestershire, UK

Cashes Green is the third project Studio Engleback has been engaged on by Kevin McCloud’s own development company HAB. The Studio worked with DSDHA and Curtins Consulting to provide the wining bid design to the HCA for the redevelopment of this derelict Victorian hospital in Stroud, for HAB Oakus. The sloping site will accommodate 78 dwellings built to a minimum of CfSH Code 4 standards, mostly as terrace houses, and the density enabled HAB to conserve land formerly used as allotments and to bring them back into use as a community facility. To date three public consultations have been held and the scheme has been well recieved. It will be submitted for planning approval at the end of February 2011.      


The landscape design plays a key role because it is essential environmental infrastructure that should deliver a series of environmental services that support the development such as dealing with surface water, attenuating flood pulses in the stream crossing the site, maintaining or improving biodiversity, using about one third of the site to raise food, and elsewhere to provide a green, convivial setting for 21st century living. The key features includes pedestrian first streets, a garden square, a wildlife corridor and links to the surrounding area.

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