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Angell Town

Brixton, UK

Angell Town, Brixton was subject to a 5 year, £67million renovation to transform a problem inner city estate. The studio has been involved both as sub-consultants to Anne Thorne Architects Partnership in the renovation and new build of two blocks and advisors to LB Lambeth for the whole estate. This sheet illustrates the first phase rehabilitation of Holles House in 2001. A narrow strip of adjacent land under Parks Department control was planted with a hedge and pleached limes in response to residents concerns about privacy, creating a clear boundary between public park and residents space. Elsewhere the treatment of the footways was intended reflect standard streets rather than creating an ‘estate’ feel as part of an overall strategy to blend the neighbourhood with surrounding streets. The ‘instant’ 5m high 90m long tree feature has been very popular. Integral planters on the building are planted with culinary herbs and shrubs and are provided with automatic irrigation.

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