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Ecourbanism addresses the socio-ecological system with an integrated whole system approach to regenerative city building and repair.

This is landscape led, evidence based, and advances biophilic and salutogenic design to improve environmental and human health and wellbeing.”

Luke Engleback

Watercolour, Redhill, Surrey

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Trees & Design Action Group
Online seminar 7th December 2022


Luke Engleback :

Protecting soils through ecologically guided project implementation

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StudioEngleback is now a member of The Collaborative City. A network of independent professionals and small practices bringing together expertise in masterplanning, architecture, landscape and public realm.

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Soils in Planning and Construction Task Force

Launch of the Task Force report and webinar. Studio expert input with London launch event hosted at JTP offices in Wapping.

Productive Urban Landscape Research - University of Brighton

Luke has been providing on-going critiques and reviews of Years 1+2 of the Masters Architecture Studio at Brighton University, led by Dr Andre Viljoen.

Part of the Productive Urban Landscape Research project.

International research workshops

University of Gloucestershire

Studio input to the Masters in Landscape Architecture course led by Dr Alessio Russo, University of Gloucestershire. 
Three international workshops with the latest in Climate Positive Design in Public Spaces and Biophilic Design.

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Studio Engleback is always interested in receiving CVs from talented Part 2+ Landscape Architects


...if you are interested in joining our team please send your CV and examples of work to

Featured Projects

Loftus Garden Village

A 6 hectare former Pirelli cables factory site, located adjacent to the London to Cardiff railway, transformed into a 'Garden Village' with 250 new dwellings.

We have promoted a multi-functional approach to the environmental infrastructure that includes biodiverse rainwater attenuation and filtration, kitchen gardens and an urban orchard of fruit and nut trees planted throughout the scheme.

Studio director Luke Engleback has been invited to contribute to 'the nature of cities' global roundtable feature, 'Is there such a thing as a "bird friendly city"?' Luke's blog suggests birdlife might be regarded as a barometer of enviromnetal wellbeing. To read more,                   


Feb 2015

Loftus Gdn Village 2022 #11a.jpeg

Cambridgeshire Quality Panel

As well as Vice Chair of the South Downs National Park Design Panel and member of the South + East Design Panel, director Luke Engleback has joined the Cambridgeshire Quality Panel.

Studio Engleback recently took part in the EU framework programme for research and innovation 2014-20, 'A call for ideas on nature-based solutions to societal challenges' discussion.

Loftus Gdn Village 2022 #4.jpeg

The key streets are flanked by rain gardens, a 21st century version of the grass verges seen at Letchworth Garden City.

Loftus Gdn Village 2022 #21.jpeg
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